LOSAR POEM for Year of the Water Tiger

February 11, 2013  ♦  Language in the Sky

This is not the time for grand edifices
Nor golden mega images filled with
Hollow jewels taken for real
Formed first by feudal hierarchies
Then buoyed by those deemed lesser
With promises of merit, a better rebirth
This is the time for ferocity of Pristine
Mind, resting in the pool of uncertainty
Stripped bare to the bone
The cool waters bathing our natural
simplicity, gazing beyond prey
Of imagined sustenance
Now is the time for sentinel watch
The stark stare of Tigers?
Burning bright in the night
Loyal protectors of our most
Precious Heart Space, our essence
Without shape or form.

Jacqueline Gens
Tsegyalgar East
February 11, 2013 

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